This exhibit is an artist’s response to Holocaust. Portraits of these victims speak to us of their eternal sorrow, as they perished in the worst war crimes ever recorded in history.
The definition of genocide: a deliberate and systematic extermination of a national or racial group of people.Genocide is an act of “man’s inhumanity of man.” This horrendous act has occurred to many people around the world, but my paintings have only described and are focused on the crisis in Darfur, Africa.
Each created thing is good in itself but when combined and united with another good thing a harmony forms and man with his life can hasten the triumph of the forces of good in the universe. I feel man and woman were created good in themselves and when they unite with God, a harmony forms and they can with their lives hasten the triumph of the forces of good in the universe.
 May every brush stroke in my paintings of
​the Holocaust be a reminder of the millions 
of victims that were murdered.

Studying this genocide, or man’s inhumanity
to man, will hopefully strengthen our ability to incorporate Justice, Tolerance and
Righteousness into the lives of everyone.

This tragedy must never be repeated in history!”
About Mimi
Mimi Schiff has devoted her entire life in developing her artistic talent. Born in Buffalo, New York in 1929 she has vivid memories of her father's impassioned response to the atrocities of the Holocaust. It wasn't unitl 1980, while studying with a rabbi, when Schiff began to fully understand the painful truth of the Holocaust and why it must never be forgotten.
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